January 21, 2023: Only about a couple inches of snow. Far too little to groom and not much in the forecast at this time.
​We are still having the Moonlight Ski and Fat Bike event on February 4. We can hike and bike even if we don’t have a lot of snow so come on out!

​We also have a new Instagram account. See the Instagram account at this link @bigmtrails
For fat bike and cycling conditions: See the Shoreline Cycling Club page.

​We often have heavy wet snowfalls to start the season. You can help us out by throwing branches off to the side of the trails if you encounter them. Thanks!
Have fun!

2 Responses

  1. Wonderful grooming is usually ok when I get there. How do I find out conditions before I get there. There in usually no recent information on your website or Nordic Ski Racer!

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding. We are going to be a lot better about posting conditions reports on this site this winter. Posts may go up on facebook as well.