The plan is to groom the ski trails on Friday so that they are in perfect condition for the weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous out there right now!

Also as a reminder, in conjunction with the Shoreline Cycling Club we have opened a new winter only snowshoe/hiking trail named the “Vista Trail.” It is groomed along with the trail up to Cappers Corner. The Vista Trail starts with a long gradual climb to the ridge north of the lodge and then continues on a ridge. Back when Big M was a downhill ski area this was named the “Vista Run” so we are tipping our hat to bit of history. The views from the ridge are great and I think people will really enjoy using this trail. There are several old ski runs off of the ridge that I am guessing backcountry skiers will also enjoy and they can drop either side off the ridge and have a groomed, mostly downhill glide back to the parking area (Double Bit if they drop north off the ridge and back to the “up” trail if they drop to the south). In total the Vista loop is approximately 1.6 miles long.